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Fluid Flow System Walkway Bridge

Petroleum Specialty Rental, LLC's "Enviro-Safety" Fluid Flow System WalkWay Bridge, U. S. Patent # 7,950,096, was engineered and designed to meet and/or exceed U. S. Coastguard Regulation Z-112 PINC…ALL staging areas, work surfaces, all ramps, stairways and walkways must all be clear of tripping and slipping hazards or if an operation poses an immediate danger to personnel, equipment, or the environment…the operation must be stopped, shut-in, ceased, and an operation may be cited.

The Fluid Flow System WalkWay Bridges range in sizes from 16 ft. to 80 ft. in lengths with 16', 20', 30', 40', and 50' continuous length units available and engineered-safe "Bolted" bridges in working lengths of 50', 60', 70', and 80' possible. All units are equipped with 2" 1502 iron and some have additional racks that allow 3" 1502 iron to be added on each side along with the 2" 1502, if needed for additional volume. If necessary, required and specified, additional provisions may be added for special client planned operations. H2S Service piping is available, also.

Each Fluid Flow System WalkWay Bridge has a full "Enviro-Safety" drip pan fabricated below a 76 ½" overall width O.D. that includes a full 36" wide I.D. walkway. WalkWay handrails are strong, safety designed and fabricated to protect from loose flying 1502 iron potential, if worker error occurs, and clamps are provided to secure 1502 iron along with hydraulic hoses and other hoses that may be running along the piping area of the bridges to avoid possible environmental spill situations. Fluid Flow System WalkWay Bridges in 50' continuous lengths are 8' 5" TALL, 79" WIDE, and weigh 6,700 Lbs.

Some accessory tools are available along with the Fluid Flow System WalkWay Bridges that are or may be associated with operations when utilizing the bridges.

  1. Hand-Rail Cutting Kit
  2. Hand-Rail CrossOver
  3. Emergency Shut-Down Station
  4. Leg Riser Support
  5. Bridge Platform

Hand-Rail Cutting Kit

BSEE approved method of removal and replacement of offshore platform handrail section(s).

Hand-Rail CrossOver

Light weight All-Aluminum and easy to install. Stairway/Ladder type CrossOver designed to fit over platform handrails offshore and can be used with Fluid Flow System WalkWay Bridge instead of cutting handrails.

Emergency Shut-Down Station

Tool will shut well in, immediately, in case of an emergency. "SAFETY"

Leg Riser Support

These support leg risers are used to lift the WalkWay Bridge drip pan bottom up by (3) three inches. This becomes important when the lift-boat is either higher or lower than the platform. The extra height may help from wear damage to the bottom of the drip pan caused by rubbing or sometimes because workers choose to cut handrail posts at higher than necessary length when removing handrails via cutting device(s) and the rub friction caused by water movement wears hole in drip pan. The extra height helps to stop damages to the bottom of drip pan.


Most Fluid Flow System Walkway Bridges Will Fit on These Platforms

Non-adjustable Platform is 67 inches (5'7" high). Overall height when including handrails is 109" or 9' 1". Platform length inside Pan is 94" (7'10"). Platform width inside Pan is 48". Weld Pads on legs are: (12" X 10" X 10"). Weld Pads on stair legs are: (8" X 12"). Handrails are reversible, so the stairs could be fitted to the right or the left.

Adjustable Platform has (6) six height stages from 7 ft. 10" to 11 ft. 2". Platform Pan I.D. size is 94" X 48" and Platform total length including stairs is 146" (12' 2"). Weld Pads on legs are: (12" X 10" X 10"). Weld Pads on stair legs are: (8" X 12"). Handrails are reversible, so the stairs could be fitted to the right or the left.

Kwik-Control, Quick Response "Spill Control" Lockers

  1. KC Locker (larger 2-door) is equipped with enough equipment and condiments for (4) four people to utilize while working in containment and clean-up of on-deck type spills. Each locker contain "Sphag-Sorb" (refined and dehydrated organic peat moss) bags of loose litter, pads, and 8' lengths of 4' diameter boom…enough absorbent to contain and clean an approximate 7 barrel spill. Included in each locker is a venture-type vacuum lid pump (for vacuuming the Sphag Sorb litter spread to absorb liquid spilled, etc.), protective gear for workers, acid emulsifier, along with sufficient tools to contain and clean accidental spills. Mostly rented and utilized on larger drilling rig type operations.
  2. PM Locker (smaller 2-door) is for operations where less space is available, i.e. like lift boat or smaller rig operations, coiled tubing and wire line ops, etc., but there is sufficient equipment and condiments available to do the necessary job. Safety gear and tools for (2) two workers.
  3. LM Locker is a PM-type locker set up and equipped for land job operations. Generally the locker is secured on an all-aluminum trailer, for mobility purposes, and has adequate absorbent(s) and tools fitting the special necessities of environmental spills on land.
  4. Containment Boom: Available in 20 ft. and 100 ft. sections with skirts.
  5. Pallet of Sphag Sorb (Absorbent): Available upon request for special operations.
  6. 500' Containment Boom on HD Plastic Pallet: (5) 100' sections on a 48" X 60" pallet.
  7. Vacuum Lid Pump: Venturi type 55- gal. vacuum lid pump.

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SSV/SCSSV Remote Control Panel

5,000# - 20,000# PSI Working Pressure valves with Bleed-Off on Front Panel
Panel is 22" Deep X 24" Wide X 68" High and weighs 300 Lbs.

Protective Shipped in All-Aluminum Padded "locker-type" Shipping Container
3.5' deep X 4' Wide X 6.5' High and weighs 1200 lbs. /1500 lbs. total with SSV/SCSSV panel secured inside shipping locker.

Drip Pans

Aluminum Drip Pans for 3 1/16" Spacer Spools with 1" Air-Operated Pump
2 ft. X 6 ft. pans when assembled become 4 ft. X 6 ft. with Thru-Hole Hoses.

Bug Blowers

54" 460 Volt 3-Phase
200 ft. 12/4 Exane Wiring
7'6" Tall X 54" Wide X 28" Deep
Weighs 400 lbs.
Available with Misting Kit, also

Safety Kwik® Ditch Magnets

Petroleum Specialty Rental, LLC patented ditch magnets, Safety Kwik® are 10 times more powerful than other common ditch magnets normally rented or found working on most rigs throughout the world. The Safety Kwik® ditch magnets have a SAFETY CLEANING DEVICE included with each magnet that is worker friendly and helps eliminate hand injuries associated with ditch magnets. Workers love and express their appreciation of the Safety Kwik® ditch magnets. Each of the Safety Kwik® ditch magnets, round or square tube units, are safely shipped in 12" X 30" wood-lined all-aluminum boxes, for magnetic power exposure safety to other tools and equipment being shipped along with Safety Kwik® ditch magnets or when set beside or near them. Immeasurably protects MWD's and Rotary Steerable tools!

MagneTight® Completion and Iron Reduction Tool

MagneTight® is a patented, new technology, stain-less steel tool designed to provide a cleaner and more cost effective completion fluid, especially when using bromides, and it reduces formation damage. MagneTight® removes or reduces the remaining insoluble metals and iron oxides left in wells after well-bore clean out tools have secured and removed all the metals they could possibly attract. Injecting a unit in-line just upstream of the DE Filter Press allows the MagneTight® to further remove iron and any sharp metal that might pierce and damage the DE Filtration unit and thus cause downtime delays and/or that may de-cake and clog the DE unit making repacking necessary. Additionally, the MagneTight® tool can be effective in fluid plants to remove iron and iron oxides prevalent in expensive completion fluids after job returns are found in need of reclamation. Normally, the MagneTight® tool flow rate is 25-26 bpm. It has been determined to be an advantage and best-value tool when using on P & A operations while milling and has been suggested to possibly be advantageous for water flooding projects. The tool is a "Big Time" favorite of those who have used it because of pump damage savings, screen wear and down time reduction, minimization of chemical treatment and reclamation/rebuilding cost of fluids, and it reduces the possibilities of formation damage! It was designed engineered to meet and/or exceed all regulatory compliance requirements with a small 6 ft. X 9 ft. footprint. Space saving upper deck also available for this tool, which provides even greater small footprint utility.

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Vacuum Lid Pump

55 Gallon Barrel Venturi type vacuum lid pump and hose

Lighting and Electrical

Petroleum Specialty Rental, LLC provides patented lighting packages in High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, and LED Class I Division I and Class I Division II safety lighting classifications. All lights are packaged for safe shipping in sturdy, protective, all-aluminum, custom fitted, locker type shipping containers.





Light packages available in 4-PACKS and 2-PACKS.
Electrical accessories are available, also.

  1. Electrical Distribution Panel.
  2. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.
  3. Extension Cords (12/3 Exane) in 50 ft. sections with Appleton Push-In-Twist-On connection.

Case Statement History

Case History Statement

"I've been consulting in the Gulf of Mexico for a number of years and I don't know how many times I've been on project (E/L, Coil Tubing, P&A, Frac jocs, etc.) and taken a Manual Hydraulic Pump and pressured up on the SCSSV to 5000+ psi...told a hand to watch it don't let the pressure fall below 5000 psi. I know that I would prefer to close the SCSSV when I want rather than it close and me not be aware of it. I know I ask this question serveral times per day, "How much pressure is on that guage?"

A few months ago, when I had the opportunity to use your SSV/SCSSV Remote Control Panel on a job I was working for XXXXXX Energy, not only did it elimiate havnig a man standing by on the well deck watching a allowed for me to have the control panel right outside close by so I could monitor it and free the hand up to assist the crew. The Remote Control Panel did its job and worked great for me and did everything I needed for the job I was supervising. I know that with all the consulting going on in the Gulf of Mexico and the hours requered for each of us to do a good job, this would be a very valuable asset to have on most every job. Since my original use of the SSV/SCSSV Remote Control Panel, it's the first thing I will call for now when loading out a job. I highly recommend it to anyone doing remedial work."

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