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Our Rental Equipment

Ssv/ScsSV Panel shipping box

SSV/SCSSV Remote Control Panel with All-Aluminum Padded Shipping Container
3.5' Deep x 4' Wide x 6.5' High
1500 lbs

Ssv/ScsSV Remote Control Panel

20,000 #PSI WP with Bleed Off on Front Panel
22" Deep x 24" Wide x 68" High
300 lb

6-Pack Class I DIV II Lighting Package with Patent Number US 7,124,991 B1

Custom-Fitted, All-Aluminum Shipping Container
3.5' Deep x 4' Wide x 6.5' High
1200 lbs

Drip Pans

Drip Pans With Thru Hole Hoses & 1" Air-Operated Pump

pm 2-man model spill control unit

Offshore and Land Models 3'6" Wide 4' Deep 6' 6" Tall 1200 LBS

kc 4-man Model Spill Control Unit

Offshore and Land Models 7' Wide x 5'5" deep x 6' 6" tall 2000 LBS

Class l Division l Light Package

Patent Number US 7,124,991 B1
3.5'D x 4'W x 6.5'H
1200 lbs

Bug Blower, 54" 460 Volt 3-Phase

With 200' 12/4 Exane Wire
7' 6" Tall x 54" Wide x 28" Deep
400 lbs

containment Boom 500 Feet

Oil Boom 5-100 Sections on a 48" x 60" Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Pallet of Sphag Sorb (Absorbent)

30 -2 Cubic Feet of Sphag Sorb
32" x 16" x 9"
23 lbs per Bag
34.95 per Bag

Emergency Shutdown Station

1/4" Stainless Steel Ball Valve
1/4" NPT Female Threads & 2-7/8" U-Bolts

Ditch Magnet & SHIPPING BOX



CLASS I DIV I Explosion Proof Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
100' 12/3 Exane Appleton Push-In Twist-On Female Receptacle Aluminum Frame

Class I DIV I New-Style Light Fixtures

250' 10/3 Cord with Appleton Explosion Proof Male Plug
400 Watt MH Shipping Box
3'6" Deep x 4' Wide x 6' 6" High
1200 lbs
Custom-Fitted Aluminum Shipping Container
Certified Slings

Magnetight(r) Unit

A New Magnetight Unit Revised with Bypass Note Line Above Mechanical Pump
- Keep Valve Open to Bypass Pump
- Close Valve Above Pump to Force Fluid Through Pump
- To Empty Magnet Housings for Checking Magnets for Particles
Certified Slings
5500 lbs TARE
6500 lbs MGW

enviro-safety fluids flow Bridge

Enviro-Safety Fluids Flow System Bridge
US Patent 7,950,096 available in 16' 20' 30' 40' lenghts 76-1'2" wide x54" tall can be fitted with 2" or 3" 1502 standard Piping or 2" or 3" H2s Service Piping

50 ' enviro-safety fluids flow Bridge

Enviro-Safety Fluids Flow System Bridge 50' Long 8'5" tall x 79" wide 6700 LBS can be fitted with 2" or 3" 1502 Standard piping or 2" or 3" H2s Service piping

Ladder Option for Flow Bridges

Instead of Cutting Hand Rails Offshore
Light Weight Aluminum Easy to Install

Bolt Together Flow Bridge Walk

60' , 70' and 80' sections US Patent 7,950,096
Can be Fitted with 2" Standard
Service or 2" 2202 Good for Sour Gas H2S Iron or 3" 1502 standard and 3" 2202 H2s Service

Flowbridge/Walkway Support Leg Risers

These support leg risers are used to pick the bottom of the drip pan up three inches. This is very important when the lift boat is either higher or lower than the platform. The extra height could help to stop some damages to the bottom of the drip pan.

Bridge Platform

Most of our bridges will fit on this platform.
Platform Height 67"- 5' 5"
Platform Height Including Handrails 109" 9' 1'
Platform Length Inside Pan 94"- 7' 10"
Platform Width Inside Pan 48"
Platform Length with Stairs Total 146" 12' 2"
Weld Pads on Legs 1/2" X 10" X 10"
Weld Pads on Stair Legs 8" X 12"
Handrails are reversible so the stairs could be fitted to the right or the left.

SSV/SCSSV Remote Control Panel

Case History Statement

"I've been consulting in the Gulf of Mexico for a number of years and I don't know how many times I've been on project (E/L, Coil Tubing, P&A, Frac jocs, etc.) and taken a Manual Hydraulic Pump and pressured up on the SCSSV to 5000+ psi...told a hand to watch it don't let the pressure fall below 5000 psi. I know that I would prefer to close the SCSSV when I want rather than it close and me not be aware of it. I know I ask this question serveral times per day, "How much pressure is on that guage?"

A few months ago, when I had the opportunity to use your SSV/SCSSV Remote Control Panel on a job I was working for XXXXXX Energy, not only did it elimiate havnig a man standing by on the well deck watching a allowed for me to have the control panel right outside close by so I could monitor it and free the hand up to assist the crew. The Remote Control Panel did its job and worked great for me and did everything I needed for the job I was supervising. I know that with all the consulting going on in the Gulf of Mexico and the hours requered for each of us to do a good job, this would be a very valuable asset to have on most every job. Since my original use of the SSV/SCSSV Remote Control Panel, it's the first thing I will call for now when loading out a job. I highly recommend it to anyone doing remedial work."


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Light Rental Packages Magnetight Completion & Metal Reduction Tool Fluid Flow System Walkway Bridges