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Originally organized and established in 1979, Petroleum Specialty Rental, LLC management has over 75 years of combined, hands-on experience in The Oil & Gas Industry. Along with knowledge of what is needed and used in the various oil & gas operations serviced, we have always been committed to be the best service provider possible. We listen to our clients’ requests for assistance, special equipment, and other needs while documenting for future servicing and Research & Development. 

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Most ideas and designs for equipment have developed from direction and input from field experienced personnel, engineer associates needing operational resolutions, and researching with regulatory agents and published compliances. Our reputation and trusted commitment to provide quality, safe, and environmentally sensitive equipment benefiting workers as well as operator companies has been a chief reason expressed by many industry workers, consultants, and engineer friends as why they enjoy and are willing to work with Petroleum Specialty Rental, LLC R & D. That’s especially the case for specific equipment needed to improve operations and HES issues.

The Environmental & Safety equipment Petroleum Specialty Rental provides customers are all “Pro-Active” type tools that meet or exceed BSEE regulatory and compliance provisions for Gulf of Mexico offshore operations. We service all of the Gulf of Mexico and inland waters of The State of Louisiana. Additionally, Petroleum Specialty Rental provides tools to many land operations in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. We have Revenue Sharing Agreements with selected, qualified service companies to stock and rent our patented tools that meet needs in areas where Petroleum Specialty Rental, LLC does not have economic servicing capability, both domestically and internationally (i.e. The Permian & Delaware Basins and other SHALE plays). Our company and HES equipment lines continue to grow. Clients ask for us to do special things to help and assist them…and we do! That’s what we do! We work with and help our clients achieve success. Our equipment protects against failures to meet compliance of regulatory issues.

SAFETY KWIK® is a registered trademark of Petroleum Specialty Rental, LLC for rentals of oil well drilling tools. Additionally, MagneTight® is a registered trademark of Petroleum Specialty Rental, LLC for oil well machine components, namely, fluid treatment vessel that removes metal particles from an oil well completion fluid stream and other associated pumping operations. Much of our equipment is patented and/or patent pending.

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